The Outstanding Guarantee

We want your event to be perfect and for you to be able to enjoy it yourself. So we promise the following.

  • On Time
    If we don't start on time, we pay you £2 for each minute we're late up to £120.

  • Clean & Tidy
    If our team does not tidy up the area they worked in before leaving, you don't pay a penny.

  • Friendly & Courteous
    If any member of our team smokes or swears in your home, venue or on your property, you don't pay a penny.

  • Everything We Need
    We bring everything we need with us. We wont ask you for anything (apart from maybe a cup of tea).

  • Straightforward Pricing 
    Once we know exactly what you need, we will give you a fixed quotation which will not change.

  • Damage Free
    If we cause any damage to your property, possessions or grounds, We will replace, repair or make good without question.

  • Unavoidable Incidents
    Occasionally, things happen that aren't our fault but they aren't yours either. So, if we can't get to you for any reason, you don't pay a penny.

  • Contactability
    Once you book with us, we will give you a contact number that can be used on the day of your event to speak directly to a duty manager.

  • Fast Responses
    We will reply to all emails, and phone messages within 1 working day, and usually much faster.

  • Quality Equipment- 
    We regularly maintain and inspect all our equipment. If ever any item fails to work as it should, you won't pay for it.

  • Fast and Efficient
    We will pack up within 1 hour of finishing or we will donate £20 to charity.

  • Over to You
    This guarantee is our commitment to you and comes automatically with every booking. To activate your guarantee, all you have to do is sign and return your contract and make sure that you fulfill all the conditions in it, including payment dates and access to your venue.

Code of Ethics

  • Time - We value and respect your time and will never waste it.

  • Integrity -We are open and honest in our dealings with customers, staff and suppliers. We keep our promises.

  • Respect for the Law - We adhere to all laws, regulations and guidance that pertain to our business as prescribed by governments, national governing bodies and trade associations. We practice proper financial recording in accordance with all laws governing a limited company.

  • Safety & Reputation - We maintain a clean, safe and reputable place of business that reflects the high standards of The Outstanding Events Company.

  • Teamwork - We support each member of our team to strengthen our brand and build successful, long term relationships.

  • Service - We maintain the highest degree of customer service to encourage repeat business, referrals and enduring relationships with our customers.

  • Privacy - We treat your data and information with complete respect for its security; we never trade, share, give or sell any of your information to any other person or company.

  • Competition - We value fair competition. We advertise, promote and market our brand fairly and accurately and in a manner that reflects the high standards of The Outstanding Events Company.

  • Respect for All - We treat every person, group, organisation and company we meet with absolute respect.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Outstanding products, services and experiences to our customers, staff and suppliers.

Thank you for helping us achieve it.