Rock & Roll Bingo

Great music, great fun and a great activity at any event

Rock and Roll Bingo replaces the traditional numbers in bing with music. The bingo cards are filled with the name of artists and songs, as soon as you hear a song being played, you mark it off on the card.

As soon as someone calls 'BINGO' the music stops and we check to see if we have a winner.

You can play with music from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and more. We have all kinds of musical sets to choose from, even themed music for special events.

Rock and Roll Bingo is supplied with a PA system, bingo cards and pens, all the music and, of course, one of our professional comperes to ensure the evening runs smoothly.

Call us on: 01733 606 210
or 0808 1200 605

Many thanks for giving us such a sleek and fun Photobooth! It was a Huge Success and everyone had an amazing time in it. The props were fantastic and you had provided an array of them, which we have not seen at other photobooths. It actually was the Fun aspect of the party! You were very professional and well organised. Once again... Thank you for everything.
— Rita and Sandeep - Private Party