Always a favourite, our Nintendo Wii console is popular wherever we take it. We have invested in more games than most of our competitors.

No previous experience is required as our operators will guide you through the techniques required to become a top player.

Our huge range of games includes;

  • Tennis, Bowling, Baseball, Boxing & Golf

  • Mini Golf

  • Shooting, Pool, Fishing, Table Tennis, Laser Hockey, 

  • Drumming, Guitaring and Singing Karaoke

  • Driving Races

  • Mountain Boarding, Skating, Skiing, Running, Jumping, Step Aerobics

  • Handbell Ringing & Conducting an Orchestra

  • Skipping, Trampolining, Kayak Attack, Mole Stomper

  • Brain Games, Quizzes

  • Cricket, Volleyball, Football, Boules

  • Crossbow Sharp shooting

  • Snowboarding

  • Wild West Shootouts

  • and more

Our full list of titles is;

  • Mario Kart

  • Big Brain Academy

  • Family Trainer

  • Wii Sports

  • Link's Crossbow Trainer

  • Safari Rescue

  • Wii Play

  • Big Beach Sports

  • Fun Fun Minigolf

  • Guitar Hero World Tour

  • Guitar Hero Legends of Rock

  • Wild Wild West

  • Wii Fit

Our set up includes a big screen and projector or a 42" Plasma screen on a stand, sound system, operator and all the games and equipment.

Or call us on: 01733 606 210
or 0808 1200 605

Rob and his team at The Outstanding Events Company are fantastic.

Our event needed something to entertain children from 4 to 40! Yep even the older children got involved.

A really great product and service executed with skill, confidence and a smile. The day ran very smoothly and the Wii zone was one of the successes of the day.
— James Palmer - Creative Director - MDI Group