Digital Graffiti Wall

Looking for a new, interactive attraction for your event? Then why not try the ultimate creative experience with our new Digital Graffiti Wall.

Bringing graffiti into the 21st century, your guests can now have their own chance to produce amazing works of art through the use of our custom software and an infra red spray can to draw onto our giant 2.7 metre wall.

Instead of paint, your guests use a spray can with a built in Infra Red transmitter to achieve extremely realistic results. When the cap is pressed, the can sprays invisible light which is tracked by the computer as it moves across the Digital Graffiti Wall.

The inbuilt software offers the functionality of a typical drawing programme. It features a pop-out palette of multiple colours and different pen shapes and sizes which can be mixed together.

Explore a range of colours and painting methods, custom background artwork and virtual painting stencils to create unique works of art.

The Digital Graffiti Wall incorporates our photobooth mode. Have your photo taken by our attendant, and moments later it appears on screen ready for you to add your graffiti touches.

And remember if you make a mistake, no problem! Just start over or hit undo.

The finished artwork can be saved and recalled and every drawing is installed printed onto a full size 8" x 6" high quality glossy print. Instant upload is available so your guests can sned their images to Facebook, Twitter or their email accounts and all of this cab branded with your logo and message.

Additionally, you can hire our professional graffiti artist to demonstrate the Graffiti Wall and the unique possibilities to wow your guests, see her in action in the video below.

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Our fun filled day would not have been the same without the help, support and fabulous stuff we got from The Outstanding Events Company- we really felt they lived up to their name!

Rob’s assistance in planning the event, what we would need and what he thought would work, was invaluable. As someone who had never planned anything like this I was grateful for advice and Rob’s was thoughtful, never patronising and his experience and expertise shone through in every conversation we had.
— Clair Ellinor - Centenary Launch Party Co-ordinator - Solihull Ulverley Division Guides