Comic Con London

Brief – The client needed a photo activation that could provide different backgrounds instantly available to the guests with data capture.

Event - We created 39 backgrounds to suit the different costumes that the guests wear. We had the backgrounds printed, numbered and laminated, which we handed out during the queue process, so that by the time the guest entered the booth, they provided the attendant the number of their background and they were in and out of the booth within 10 seconds. Upon exit of the booth we had multiple sharing stations which gave the guest options to either print or share their image, our software captured their data, within GDPR guidelines. Because of our simple and efficient process, we were able to capture 700 people per day.



Brief – Our client was having a zipline at their event and wanted to be able to capture their guests reactions throughout their zipline experience.

Event – we installed a photo activation at the top of the zipline, capturing the guests all harnessed up ready to go down. We installed a live feed video camera onto the zipline capturing them live as they came down the zipline. Finally we installed a camera towards the end of the zipline so we were able to capture an action shot of the guest as they were at the quickest part of the zipline. All of these outputs were edited instantly and sent immediately over to a sharing platform, ready for guests to see and share once they were taken out of their safety suit. The videos and photos were edited in real time and had branding and overlays added. All were available to the guests within 5 seconds of them completing the zipline.

LED Ping Pong.jpg


Brief – client wanted something similar to the ping pong tables that you see at Bounce (a ping pong venue in London).

Event – we handmade 3 brand new LED style ping pong tables to create the client a visually challenging game of table tennis. Not only is it fun to play but they look amazing in darker venues.



Brief – the client needed an interactive game over 10 people could play at the same time, with each other.

Event – we set up a 20 player virtual reality arena, allowing 10v10 players all playing a virtual game of laser tag and paintballing at the same time. We managed the queue process and the expectations of each guest, by having multiple hosts explaining how VR works to each and every guest through headsets.